Product Theatres

A new addition to the programme for the BIGOSA 2021 Virtual Scientific Meeting is the product theatres, which are supplier demonstrations of products, equipment, or services.

Attendance is included in your registration fee.

The product theatre will take place at 10:10.

In this module you will learn how to successfully perform a biopsy US-guided with Marquee & UltraCor Twirl
• Biopsy planning
• Material preparation
• Patient information
• Procedure steps
• Patient care

Join us at 13:35 for the product theatre entitled Sentimag®-Magseed®/ Magtrace®: Discover optimised techniques for lesion localisation and sentinel node biopsy.

Transformative changes in the field of breast cancer treatment have led to improved patient outcomes and shifts in surgical management. The Magseed® magnetic marker has been specifically designed to overcome the limitations associated with current techniques for lesion and lymph node localisation. This tiny seed has already been used throughout the world to help thousands of women have better outcomes for their breast surgery. It promotes seamless operation room scheduling, accurate localisation and high patient satisfaction.

This product demonstration will present advanced techniques for magnetic tracer application in routine use.